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  • Increased students` involvement conversion rates into successful projects
  • Saved resources and time
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What solutions can you get?
Individual Elements
Creation of individual elements of the program (Lecture, Task, Challenge, etc.).
Program Module
Creation of a program module consisting of several different elements.
Short-Term Program
Creation of a short-term program for a specific Protocol.  The program takes from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks to complete.
Long-Term Program
Creation of a long-term program for a specific Protocol. The program takes at least 1 month to complete.
Program For The Event
Make a  program for the event. Such a program is a combination of existing and new elements and modules. For example, a preparation program for a hackathon can include modules for various protocols and their integration into one project.
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You can also use additional services:
  • Content creation
  • Supplying with mentors
  • Information distribution
  • Providing statistics on the program
  • Success assistance NFT certificates
  • Prize distribution
Our Experience
We have been investing for a year now to grow and upskill the community of Web 3 developers by creating and launching the Solidity Developer Program. We have also made the Lens challenges program and organized several Hackathons and webinars for IT specialists. All these activities received great interest and support from the developers` community, we also got very positive feedback on the program from our students. So far, we have enrolled in the program around 1000 students - web developers willing to transition into Web 3.
Now we can state that thanks to the Growic learning platform, we were able to ensure the growth of many indicators compared to training on conventional platforms:
  • 1,5 increase in students` involvement in the training program
  • 20% increase in conversion to training courses
  • 35% increase in final projects on the Solidity protocol
If you got interested, we are ready to provide more information and demonstrate how the platform works, its features, and its benefits, and to hear about your needs and requests. We can do it in a video format meeting.
Let's schedule a call to discuss this further and how we can best support you.